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With our methodology, you will begin speaking Spanish on the very first day of class. For some Spanish students, a private Spanish class is more effective than enrolling in a group class. You will never get left behind when you work one on one with a private Spanish tutor. In a private Spanish class, you are the one who does the speaking while receiving immediate and personalized feedback. Unlike some classes, there won’t be anyone else to hide behind in class or to take up all of the tutor’s time. Your Chilean Spanish teacher will make sure you make progress at the pace that is right for you, rather than at the pace of the fastest (or worst) student in the classroom. No matter your age or educational background, you can quickly learn Spanish with a Chilean Spanish teacher.

learn spanish santiago chile

Learn Chilean Spanish With A Private Spanish Teacher in Santiago Chile

We offer quality classes to start learning Spanish with us or continue improving. We make programs according to your needs always based on the communicative approach. We cover all levels, and all four skills – speaking, listening, reading and writing. We also teach specific classes of Latin American literature and history of Chile. We can help you to adjust to the Spanish of Chile which has been described as a bit more challenging. We include idioms and social clues so you can face working and / or social environments smoothly .We also give you the opportunity to experience your first cultural exchanges with our “live and learn” program where we include excursions and / or show you how to manage in the city of Santiago.

Ofrecemos clases de calidad para que comiences a aprender español con nosotros o continúes perfeccionándolo. Confeccionamos programas de acuerdo a tus necesidades teniendo siempre como base el enfoque comunicativo. Cubrimos todos los niveles, las cuatro habilidades – hablar, escuchar, leer y escribir. También clases específicas de literatura latinoamericana e historia de Chile. Te ayudamos a ajustarte al español de Chile e incluimos modismos para que puedas integrarte a tus ambientes laborales o sociales sin grandes impedimentos. También te damos la oportunidad de experimentar tus primeros intercambios culturales con nuestro programa “live and learn” donde incluimos excursiones y/o te mostramos cómo desenvolverte en la ciudad.

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Español or castellano? Spanish is constantly being broken down into 2 categories (español for Latin America and castellano for Spain) but in this day and age, the lines aren’t so clear. Approximately 500 million people across the world speak Spanish. The most important thing is for you to be able to hear through the accent and be able to communicate. Chile is a great place to learn Spanish because it isn’t the easiest Spanish to understand. Some people say that if you can communicate in Chile, you can communicate with Spanish speakers anywhere in the world. No matter what your goals are or who you intend to speak to, we will help you become a fluent Spanish speaker.

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