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Santiago Group Spanish Lessons

Our group Spanish lessons in Santiago, Chile are a fun and affordable alternative to our private Spanish classes. This is nothing like your high school level language class! (or high school classroom). Our group Spanish class meets at fun locations in Santiago, Chile where you will find yourself immersed in both the culture and the language. The focus of our group Spanish classes in Santiago is to maximize the potential interaction between students and teacher. If you are visiting Chile for work or play, you’ll benefit from our group Spanish course and be able to quickly learn Spanish in a fun, low-pressure environment. There is plenty of content and opportunities to learn even when learning with someone who is more advanced or a little behind you in Spanish.

Why Not Take A Group Spanish Course in Chile?

The focus of our group Spanish lessons is upon the four skills of listening, speaking, writing and reading – and believe us, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to practice! Learning Spanish in a group can turn the language learning process into a friendly play and removes some of the pressure and seriousness. After all, we tend to learn more effectively when we are smiling. There are numerous benefits to learning Spanish and our group Spanish class in Santiago, Chile makes it both fun and cost effective.

It is estimated that Spanish has approximately 3 million native speakers in each of the 44 countries that officially speak Spanish. This makes it geographically the fourth mostly widely spoken language. Mexico has the largest number of Spanish speakers at 114 million followed by the USA with 50 million Spanish speakers. The National Congress of Brazil approved a bill in 2005 which made teaching the Spanish language mandatory in Brazilian public and private secondary schools. In the Western hemisphere, Spanish is the most widely understood language because of the significant populations of Spanish speakers hailing from the southern tip of Chile to as far north as Canada.

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We offer group Spanish lessons in Santiago Chile for 2 or more individuals. Our group Spanish class meets at fun locations in Santiago or even at your home with your friends. If you are visiting Chile with friends or by yourself, we highly recommend you enroll in a group Spanish lessons as an affordable alternative to our private Spanish tutoring. We offer a lower hourly class rate to make it more affordable and we keep our group class size smaller (unless a large group wants to learn together). Contact us today regarding our group Spanish courses.

Santiago Spanish Reading Club for Spanish Learning Purposes

If you are already proficient in Spanish and would like to achieve a higher level, we have Reading Clubs that introduce you to our wonderful Latin American literature. You will be reading texts, short stories, poems, and / or novels with our Santiago Spanish Reading Club. This is an enjoyable form to continue your Spanish language education. Our Spanish Reading Clubs also include overviews of general Latin American literature and history, literary analysis / text analysis as in-depth quality discussions.

Chile is a land of poets. We are very proud of our two Literature Nobel Prizes: Gabriela Mistral and Pablo Neruda. Take the opportunity to explore their writing and get to know a bit more of Chilean culture. We would also like to invite you to read great Latin American writers. From Nobel Prizes Mario Vargas Llosa, Miguel Angel Asturias, Gabriel García Marquez – also the best sellers Isabel Allende, Laura Esquivel, to the incomparable Julio Cortazar and Jorge Luis Borges. Our Spanish Reading Clubs offers you a great opportunity to learn in a group that is sized between 4 and 8 participants. Contact us and start discovering the pleasure of reading one of our most beloved cultural treasure. Morning and evening times are available.

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