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Chilean Spanish immersion and cultural tourism in Santiago, Chile. How cool would it be to explore Santiago, Chile while learning Spanish. In addition to learning how to speak Chilean Spanish, you will also gain a historical and cultural perspective of this magnificent country. If you are new to Santiago, we can show you around and help you learn to navigate public transportation, view historical and cultural sites and get a solid grasp of the city of Santiago. Starting a new life in another country where people talk too fast and don’t have much time can be very stressful. We will help you get to know the city. We can even accompany you to interviews or meetings where people only speak Spanish and help you translating your needs so you can communicate with your Chilean “nana” (maid) or with whomever you need.

Spanish Immersion Santiago Chile

Santiago is a 474 year-old city with great cultural heritage; home of around 5 million people who live in 32 districts and different ways of life. We introduce you to the ancient and recent history of Chile through visits to heritage sites including: the Old Town, museums, the most historic neighborhoods – and others not so well know that offer art, folklore and those little places known only by those we were born in this long and narrow strip of land.

Santiago es una ciudad de 474 años de antigüedad con gran patrimonio cultural donde viven alrededor de 5 millones de personas en 32 comunas y conviven diferentes formas de vida. Te introducimos a la historia antigua y reciente de Chile por medio de visitas a lugares patrimoniales, como el casco antiguo, museos, los barrios más emblemáticos – y otros no tanto-, el arte, el folklor y también esos pequeños lugares conocidos sólo por quienes hemos nacido en esta larga y angosta faja de tierra.

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Spanish immersion means many different things to different people. Your Spanish immersion experience in Chile can be completely tailored to your needs and interests. For some, they want to see the historical sites Santiago has to offer. Others want to experience the cultural aspects of Chile. You might have recently relocated here and you need help with getting situated in Santiago, hiring a maid, going shopping, learning how to use public transportation, where to go to get the best fruits and vegetables, and/or help with business negotiations and meetings. Whatever your needs are, we can help you to learn Spanish immersion style. Simply contact us today to discuss your needs.

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